About Us


Thank you for joining me in my efforts to change humanity and create opportunities for all through learning. I believe that to be born it means you are lucky and knowing what you want in life it means you have a great skill. But to get what you want and maintain your dignity and integrity is a big encounter for many and it requires education.

Education is not solely about earning a great living but about living a great life; it is the passport for the future and it allows you to understand and find the meaning behind every matter in the world, makes it possible to defeat all barriers.

My purpose with Blockchain Education is to instill in each one of you the values that have rewarded me with an extraordinary sense of achievement both personally and professionally and to ignite the desire in more people to realise this world is ours and we have a shared responsibility to make it free from poverty and inequality. My values-integrity, teamwork and honesty-have helped me create a consortium of businesses that will contribute to building a strong economy in every country around the world.

I aim for continuous growth, what do you aim for?

Dr. Ghefari Dulapandan 

CEO and Founder

Our Motto

Creating legacy through the community!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable and stable ecosystem and educate people on the latest market trends and self-development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich humanity and alleviate poverty.


Welcome to Blockchain Education Limited (BEL)

At BEL, how we live and how we lead is truly important to us.  We go further and empower our people and our communities to act with a sense of responsibility and make ethical behavior a natural part of what they do every day—with each other, our clients/users and business partners, and our communities. We know that Blockchains  offer a new vision for the economic and financial transactions and will play a major financial role in the future for everything of value and will revolutionize the world through innovative technology. Our aim is to only act with integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency as we help to build blockchains and ecosystems to support communities and educate people to a new era of technology. As part of our commitment to sustainable growth, we have designed a Code of ethics to help us meet our obligations, show respect to one another and act with integrity in the marketplace. This represents our roadmap and compass for doing business the right way and reputation rests on how each of us conducts ourselves and how we conduct ourselves collectively as a company to help the community and our users. Please do read the Code here .  It is a mandatory requirement to comply with the Code of Ethics always in all dealings with our Company and our products and services.

Management Team                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  • Integrity

    We are honest and choose the path of integrity in all business transactions and dealings with others.

  • Respect

    We choose our words carefully as we genuinely care for people and treat individuals with respect and dignity. Insult, malice, harassment and exclusionary behavior is not acceptable. Prohibited behaviour includes, but is not limited to: threats of violence, discriminatory jokes and language, sharing or displaying sexually explicit or violent material, advocating for, or encouraging any inappropriate behavior.

  • Teamwork

    We work together as a team to benefit the communities we serve.

  • Transparency

    We promote full, fair, accurate, timely disclosure of our business decisions.

  • Competence

    We can find strength in diversity, we have no time for poor performers, we focus on resolving issues and learning from mistakes.

  • Communication

    We share relevant information effectively with each other but also know how to protect the confidentiality of our information.

  • Compliance

    Ensuring compliance always with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

  • Innovation

    We innovate and seek new and creative approaches to crypto markets.

  • Quality

    We incorporate excellence and quality in our work and strive to continuously improve and make a difference.

  • Fairness

    We deal fairly with all our clients, users, suppliers, partners, colleagues and representatives.

Get in touch with us.

Blockchain Education Ltd. Company registration no 11290259, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, UK, contact@blockchainedu.global

Blockchain Education Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK , ico.org.uk