Code of Ethics

1.1 Contact and Communications
1.1.1 Public Relations
All information disclosed outside of the company must be accurate, complete and consistent. If someone asks you for information (for example, the media or investors), be sure to notify our management team about the request. Please do not attempt to answer these questions yourself.
1.1.2 Email, Internet and Information Systems
BEL reserves the right to monitor, record, disclose, audit and delete without prior notice the nature and content of an employee’s or contractor’s activity or the activity of another authorized person (such as a Leader) using our company’s email, phone, voicemail, internet and other systems, to the extent permitted by local law where the company operates.
1.1.3 Community Involvement (Members)
If you are contacted and asked to discuss company business with any members of the press, investors or market analysts, do not provide any information. Instead, you should politely advise the outside party that you are not authorized to discuss the subject and refer them to our management team. Similarly, when using personal social media you should be clear that you do not speak on behalf of the company. You should always (1) take every possible precaution to ensure that you are not disclosing any confidential information about the company or its business partners (2) refrain from using any of the BEL trademarks without written permission from the Company’s management team.
1.2 Conducting Business
1.2.1 Responsible Marketing
If you are involved in marketing, always market our products or services responsibly. Our product marketing must reflect our company’s high ethical standards, and be truthful, understandable and in compliance with all laws. If you are involved in marketing, you should never make claims about our products or services without adequate substantiation and proper legal clearance from our management team and legal teams, overstate or misrepresent the qualities of our products or services nor use misleading or untruthful statements in our advertising.
1.2.2 Equal Opportunity
Collaboration or employment with us is based solely upon individual merit and experience directly related to professional competence and sharing of our ethos. We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, medical condition or any other characteristics protected by law. We will also make all reasonable adjustments to ensure we meet our obligations under upcoming laws relating to the crypto market.
1.2.3 Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying
We prohibit discrimination, harassment and bullying in any form verbal, physical, or visual. If you believe you have been bullied or harassed by anyone at BEL or within the communities we work, we strongly encourage you to immediately report the incident to our management team who will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints and take appropriate action.
1.2.4 Competing Business
BEL places our JAAG  Leaders and JAAG members in a position of trust and respect within the Community Network, therefore, BEL expects for the duration of the engagement with the Company, as a representative of the Company, its products or services, to conduct their business on exclusive basis to BEL and that they will not have an interest as director, member, partner or shareholder or actively promoting ( directly or indirectly), as agent or principal/distributor another business similar to or competitive with BEL (“Competing Business”). BEL forbids members to solicit the custom of a Network Participant for the benefit of a Competing Business.

2.1 Promote Ethical Business Practice
2.1.1 Who Must Follow Our Code?
We expect all our employees, contractors, Leaders and Board members to know and follow the Code. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action including termination of employment/collaboration or status. Moreover, we expect all our users, members, consultants, and others within the community we serve who may be temporarily assigned to perform work or services for or on behalf of the company to follow the Code in connection with their work for us. Failure of a contractor, consultant, or other covered service provider to follow the Code can result in termination of their relationship with the Company and potentially legal action taken against any damaging, disruptive, malicious behavior.
2.1.2 Avoid Conflicts of Interest
When you are in a situation in which competing, loyalties could cause you to pursue a personal benefit for you, your friends, or your family, at the expense of BEL or our users, you may be faced with a conflict of interest. All of us should avoid conflicts of interest and circumstances that reasonably present the appearance of a conflict or Competing Business interference.
2.1.3 Privacy, Security, and Freedom of Expression
Always remember that in a cyber world we are asking users to trust us with their personal information. Preserving that trust requires that each of us respect and protect the privacy and security of that information. Our security procedures strictly limit access to and use of users’ personal information and require that each of us take measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and this is handled in line with applicable general data protection laws.
2.2 Use of the Company Property
Our intellectual property is an invaluable asset that must be protected always. Trademarks, materials, facilities, technology, software, information, marketing plans, improvements, inventions, unpublished data and reports, services or products are registered and owned by BEL and/or its partners, we have a duty to safeguard these assets against theft, loss, waste or damage and ensure we use them only in the most efficient and sustainable way. The use of trademarks or the publication of copyright materials may only be undertaken with the written authorisation from BEL Board of Directors and for legitimate business purposes. Furthermore, our trademarks should never be used in a degrading, defamatory or otherwise offensive manner.

BEL complies with all laws that prohibit money laundering or financing for illegal or illegitimate purposes. We have embedded the Know your customer’s (KYC’s) standards in all our protocols.
BEL will administer its dealings in a manner that is conducive to compliance of the Code of Ethics.

If you have a question or concern regarding compliance, email will be investigated and answered within 48 hours.

This Code is a summary of our expectations, it does not spell out every possible ethical scenario we might face in business, so we rely on one another’s good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity for ourselves, our community and our company. We expect all employees, representatives, users, partners and collaborators to be guided by both the letter and the spirit of this Code. Sometimes, identifying the right thing to do is not an easy call so we are here to help.
As a member of the Company, user of the Company’s products and/or services, I acknowledge that once I operate within the community it is deemed I will act in accordance with this Code and the community ethos:
• I will carry out my activity in an honest and correct manner, behaving and conducting my business in a morally, legally and financially dignified manner and not engaging in deceptive or illegal practices. I am aware of being personally responsible for any legal and/or economic commitment that I will contract as a member of this Community.
• I will act with courtesy in establishing a relationship with others and I will be respectful to anyone I will meet during the construction of my business.
• I will conduct my business in a way that promotes my reputation and the good name of the Community and will not take part in activities that could discredit the Community, or other members.
• I will be sincere and honest in representing the products/services and I will not present in a distorted way the Compensation Plan and the potential gains indicated in it.
• I will be a coherent team-mate, acting in a positive way to grow the business aware that if the Community grows, everyone will benefit from it.
• I will be a respectful competitor not communicating to other offensive opinions on the competition nor carry duties for another business similar to or competitive with BEL while representing BEL.
• I will not solicit crossline recruitment of members belonging to other sponsors in the Community.
• I will not solicit entry into the community through offers of money or promises of future spillover.
• I will be a careful and a thoughtful sponsor, I will take care of people and I will work for the construction of the business. I will fulfill my responsibilities including training, supporting my team members and maintaining contact with them. In no way will I interfere with their work, will I spend public words of blame or condemnation of them.
• In no way will I be able to act or speak on behalf of the company or the Community unless authorised by the Company’s Board.
• It is my responsibility to read carefully and comply with the Company’s terms and conditions and any policy and procedure made available on the Company’s website/s and its pages and ask for clarification if I do not understand the terms or any of the Company’s internet content. Usage of Company’s services and purchasing of its products it is deemed I have accepted and understood the terms and conditions.

I understand that non-compliance with this Code or any part of it will lead to my account being frozen and my membership suspended with immediate effect.

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